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Just enter the Spot Price and type of Metal. Then enter the amount you were Paid per Gram or Pennyweight(DWT) and choose the Carat. This Program will show you the Percent of Spot you were Paid.


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( Note; All calculations use 31.1 grams & 20 Pennyweight(DWT) to a Troy Ounce. All Carat values use the Industry Standard three decimal points. (14k = .585, 22k = .916). Some Precious Metal buyers will fudge on these numbers by dropping the last Decimal Place on the Carat Value, not rounding them up or down, but just dropping them. This will cost you Penny's per gram but adds up to hundreds of dollars if you're selling large amounts of Gold or Platinum. Some Buyers will also fudge on the Gram value by using 31.16, or something like that. This too will cost you. So be Careful! The real number is; 1 troy ounce = 31.1034768 gram.).

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